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2012 Quoted

‘To all Zambians;  if we work hard we can achieve what we want. If we work hard, we can reduce unemployment. If we work hard we can reduce poverty. The boys showed us. They were underrated, they were underdogs but they did it and we can also do it,’

Michael C. Sata
President of the Republic of Zambia
Commenting on the Zambia National Soccer team’s unprecedented win of the Africa Cup of Nations
The Post 

‘We have unity in our team, other teams have good players, but they don’t have unity. You see how Senegal play. Nigeria is not here, why? Cameroon is not here, why? You can have 200 million professionals who play in Chelsea or Barcelona but if they can’t play together as a team you can’t do anything.’

Christopher Katongo
Zambia’s National Soccer Team captain
Commenting on how he and his teammates secured a 15th Africa Cup appearance by winning the qualification group and have gone from strength to strength to the finals.
The Times of Zambia

‘Let’s give Zambians what they deserve, we are a new administration and what is important is to perform to acceptable levels.’

Yamfwa Mukanga
Communication, Transport, Works and Supply minister
Commenting on the dismissal of Zambia Postal Services (ZAMPOST) postmaster general, Paul Simfukwe together with the entire top management.
Sunday Times | 8 Jan, 2012

'In a democracy it is important, if you lose power, to learn how the opposition works. I hope that the former ruling party (MMD) here in your country will get chance to learn it.
My party was 10 years in a coalition partnership in the Senate of Berlin. After the last elections we were sent to the opposition. Thats life, its how democracy works and I hope in your country it will be the future. It makes no sense to disappear after elections.'
Stefan Liebich
A member of parliament in Left Party
commenting  that democracy demanded that political parties continue to exist in Zambia.
The Post | 19 April, 2012

'This is the only country this side of the equator where foreign investors can have a 'field day' of this nature to an extent where they are even multiplying companies among themselves and giving jobs to one and the same person   using different company names. This we are aware of as government and we will break this syndicate,'

Richard Musukwa
Mines deputy minister, commenting on foreign investors that have partnered  with friends and affiliates  for subcontract works in the mining sector
The Post | 21 May, 2012

'Gains from the mines are meaningless if they don't translate into improved welfare of the local people whose communities host these natural resources.'

Miles Sampa
Finance and National Planning deputy minister,
commenting on local communities benefiting
from mineral royalties.
Times of Zambia | 15 May, 2012

'No credible investor will be scared by asking him to pay what  is due to Zambians. No credible mining house will pull out if we are asking them to increase value on the copper we are exporting. Anyone who means well for Zambia will not be scared and as government we'll not be blackmailed by stories of scaring investors as a result of putting in in-house measures to benefit the people'.

Richard Musukwa
Mines deputy minister,
commenting on the mining sector that was supervised under the MMD rule.
The Post | 3 July, 2012

'This is a natural call as  mineral resources belong to the people. The question is, what should be the best means or policies to archive optimum benefits from minerals to grow the economy, create jobs,and eradicate poverty? We all agree that value addition provides an opportunity for increased benefits from mineral resources but we can only move forward on this critical issue when we have the same common understanding.  Although setting of policy and regulatory framework is mandated to government, the chambers of mines have a critical role to play in shaping the final outcomes'
Veston Malango
President, Mining  Industry Association of Southern Africa, commenting on regional governments  to   seek various ways  of increasing  benefits from mineral resources  to eradicate  poverty.
Zambia Daily Mail | 26 June, 2012

'Independence is good, but it is meaningless and useless if it does not bring fruits to the masses. Most of the leaders have turned opportunitists... we no longer mind what happens to the people of Zambia or to their future'

Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe
(April 12, 1922 – January 26, 1980)
first vice-president of Zambia  from 1967 to 1970.

'The task of human protection is neither simple nor easy. We don't always succeed. But we must keep trying to make a difference. That is our individual and collective responsibility.'

Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secretary-General.

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