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AfriConnect announces the launch of the fastest internet service provision in Zambia - 4G!
14 March 2013, 12:56:01

The launch of the 4G service marks another milestone, in the company’s vision to increase its presence on the Zambian market and provide the best and fastest internet connectivity.

4G launched under the ‘Take your Place’ campaign is urging Zambians to take their place in the digital global village so that ‘everyone, everywhere’ is connected as per the vision campaign launched late 2011.

‘The internet is a global unifier, everyone has access to the same information and it’s time for Zambians to take their place.’ reiterated managing director AfriConnect, Mark Bennett.

Bennett announced the launch of the 4G service at the ceremony officiated by minister of Communications, Transport, Works and Supply, Yamfwa Mukanga in Lusaka.

Speaking at the launch, the minister commended AfriConnect for providing cost effective internet service to the people of Zambia.

He said the Ministry of Communications was happy with the effort that AfriConnect had put into its expansion programme, adding that the provision of quality access to the internet was critical to Zambia’s social and economic growth.

‘We believe as government that provision of quality internet service to the Zambian people will play a cardinal role in our effort as government to bring development to all parts of the country. I welcome your launch of 4G and look forward to its social and developmental impact. Your slogan of  ‘Everywhere, Everywhere Connected’ is one we all hope will come to fruition.’

The minister said the AfriConnect’s 4G service will offer the best and fastest connectivity to the internet for Zambians.

And Bennett said ‘The new service, marketed under the iConnect brand, is designed to allow thousands more Zambians to have affordable internet access, getting connected to the internet for the first time and allowing them to ‘take their place’ in the new connected world.’

He said with rapidly increasing amounts of international internet connectivity coming into the country via fibre optic cables, new ways have to be found of getting that link to users at high speeds and at affordable prices.

Since the acquisition of AfriConnect by Vodacom Business Africa, the company has undertaken major expansion of its operations through upgrading of its network, increasing resilience and capacity and reaching new towns and locations countrywide.

Meanwhile, Vodacom representative Geoff Hardwick said Zambia has become the best performing operation under the Vodacom group.

‘This is attributed to the team as well Zambia as whole. The business climate is conducive to grow businesses.’

Hardwick pledged that the Vodacom group will continue to invest in people with further Investments of millions into the network, infrastructure and operational support.

He further added ‘The launch of the 4G service in Zambia will change the internet service provision landscape in Zambia as the new 4G service is a real economic driver and will make all businesses more efficient and bring down the cost of doing business.’

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