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ZAMTEL remains innovative as it launches 3G network
08 February 2013, 3:07:30
Among the leading contenders is Zamtel, who embarked on an aggressive recapitalization programme aimed at improving network coverage through expansion, brand building and improved service delivery in July 2010.

This investment has resulted in Zamtel’s 2.5G network being expanded from 197 to 440 sites, and a 3G network of 250 new sites is being deployed in all the major cities across the country. This development which has seen the number of base stations soar to nearly 700, will give Zamtel customers unlimited access to mobile broadband.

The guest of honour, minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, Hon. Yamfwa Mukanga, MP, speaking during the 3G Mobile Broadband launch said, government interest is to see continued growth in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

‘We would like to see an ICT sector that is fully developed and equipped to promote access in schools, hospitals, and all institutions of governance. The increased levels of development that Zambia is experiencing today require that the ICT industry take centre stage.

‘Some of the recent developments in the ICT industry have been very pleasing as we have witnessed Zambians being able to pay bills, send and receive money using their mobile handsets; this is as it should be in a developing economy like ours.’

Announcing the launch, Zamtel chief commercial officer Amon Jere said, Zamtel’s mobile broadband services on 3G and 2.5G’ which is being rolled out in a phased approach in different parts of the country to selected customers to enable it to receive a performance feedback, will later be available in all major towns of the country as soon as deployment of base stations is completed within this year.

‘The Zamtel mobile broadband we are introducing today through this soft launch, will offer the fastest mobile internet in the country with high speed downloads for multimedia content.

‘As a result, our mobile broadband will enable Zamtel customers have unlimited access to online content anytime, anywhere using their mobile handsets and it will provide them with the convenience to conduct video calls.’

Another way through which Zamtel is addressing the internet gap is to offer accessibility to internet broadband on fixed lines using ADSL technology. Its special Pay-As-You-Go internet access offer at K20, 000 per day, makes it the most affordable internet offer in Zambia presently.  To enhance this service further, Zamtel is currently in the initial phase of replacing its copper wire network with a modern state-of-the art optical fiber network. In addition, connection of its fiber to the undersea cable is almost complete.

Jere said, ‘These efforts have resulted in a growth of our mobile market share from 3.5% to 11% as at December 2011, 3000% growth of fixed broadband customers. Growth prospects for this year remain promising and we are forecasting to finish the year at 16 % mobile market share.’

Guests at the launch who mingled with the chairman and acting CEO of Zamtel, Dr. Mupanga Mwanakatwe included the minister of Information and Broadcasting, Hon. Fackson Shamenda.

Leading figures from the corporate world walked away with a gift package that included a 3G enabled ZTE Blade handset and a mobile broadband dongle.

The Zamtel mobile broadband dongles are on sale at their outlets for a limited promotional offer of K150, 000 while stocks last. Further, Zamtel will be introducing Blackberry services on Zamtel mobile in the next few months.

Zamtel’s innovation and technology developments underpins its competitive advantage as Zambia’s only total communication solutions provider.

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