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Natsave MD, Cephas Chabu with staff
Turning 40 for anyone is a ‘Big Deal’, and the National Savings and Credit Bank’s  (NatSave) 40th Anniversary, April 16, is probably the best corporate event so far this year.

The bank has a lot to celebrate, created on April 1st, 1972 by an Act of Parliament, the bank has enjoyed the best of times, in the 80’s. During this time NatSave had the financial muscle to construct its lustrous headquarters ‘Saver’s House’ and was doing very well servicing its customers with saving and credit schemes, which many Zambians found appealed to their needs.

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Jean Luc Grillet
Renowned for its superior airline service Emirates opened its plush new sales offices in Lusaka. The airline continues to set a standard that other airlines aspire to emulate.

Jean Luc Grillet, Emirates’ senior vice president, Commercial Operations Africa, officiated at the cocktail party to launch the offices which was attended by dignitaries, corporate guests and travel agents.

Addressing the media, Grillet announced that since the launch of the Emirates into Zambia February 1st, business has been ‘so successful’ that the airline would embark from five to daily flights as of October 1st.
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Government policy must come to bear in Mining -
for how long must small scale miners cry to government?

The president of the Federation for Small Scale Mining Association in Zambia (FESSMAZ), Marc Kalemba was at pain to express the many challenges his members are up against, in an interview with Commerce Gazette.

If foreigners can acquire wealth using our local raw natural resource, why shouldn’t Zambians? The basic difference between foreign investors and local entrepreneurs is access to financial resource, technical support and marketing which they have and we don’t. As a result the middle men and illegal miners are making exorbitant profits on the sweat and hard work of our small scale miners who continue mining because of poverty.

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FBZ Managing Director and CEO - Barkat Ali
In Zambia there is a dual financial system one for the middle and high-income consumers, and another one for the people that can least afford it. In many parts of the country you won’t see bank branches. However, Finance Bank is determined to change this. Not only has it continued to expand its branch network but it is the only bank in number of locations in the country.
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