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Zambia’s business magnet Rajan Mahtani, chairman of Finance Bank Zambia Plc announced the quoting of the banks’ shares on the Lusaka Stock Exchange on January 13.

Chintu Mulendema, Securities Exchange Commission, chairman, confirmed the shares quoted on SEC said Mahtani.




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Rocketing labour tensions have proven a headache for government and the labour unions. Swollen unemployment has seen an increase in hostilities between investors and their local employees as the wealth gap between them appears to have increased.

There have also been complaints about foreign managers who prefer to hire their fellow countrymen in professional or management positions rather than employ Zambians.

Chinese, South African and Indian nationals who have played a key role in construction and the mining sectors as well as in the manufacturing and retail sectors have been accused of this practice.

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Dr Wala Chabala, secretary and chief executive Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that the K2.5 billion medium term notes that SEC had authorized the for the IFC whose first tranche of K150 million bonds has since been issued had out performed expectation.

Dubbed the Zambezi Bond, the tranche was oversubscribed by 4.8 times and erases any doubts of Zambians’ appetite in the capital markets for IFC securities.

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Zambia is an emerging market with very attractive characteristics for investors.

To attract more foreign investors Zambia desperately needs to improve its infrastructure to sustain its development and economic growth.

Among the sectors where infrastructure investment is most needed is housing and for transport projects, such as highways, roads and bridges.

Zambia China Trade and Economic Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) hosted the first ever Zambia International Construction Material and Light Industrial Trade Fair under the theme ‘Value Addition Through Zambia – China Economic Cooperation’.

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The safety of the food we eat is very important to our well-being and health.  And as the food supply chain become more processed and refined so too should the safety standards.

Besides consuming locally grown food that may have production risks, we are increasingly consuming more imported food, that are exposing us to whatever level of safety practices exist in the exporting country and onward.

A chain of potential risk follows all the food we eat. From the time the food is grown, to the processing facility, to its transportation and to the subsequent handling of the product at stores, markets, restaurants and in-home kitchens.
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Nangwenya Toyota was officially opened at a colourful event that took place on 16th August 2013 by Dr Guy Scott vice president of the Republic of Zambia, represented by the minister of Commercial, Trade and Industry. The event was attended by over 790 invited guests from various sectors of the economy among them senior government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, and senior executives from corporate customers, competitors and suppliers.

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Hon Christopher Yaluma
Retrenchments not the only answer
to down turn in mines

As government is trying to increase the employment levels, this news is not welcome.

The Chamber of Mines is of the view that its members are facing constraints in their mining operations with copper trading below US$7000 as the demand from its major buyer, China, has decreased its purchase of the commodity in the past few months resulting in the drop in prices

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CEEC to fund 94 projects out of 8,172 applications
The perception that the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) is benefiting well-connected individuals rather than treating all entrepreneurs equally has long persisted.

This view has not been helped by reports that a few public figures or members of their families have indeed been granted loans which they have failed to repay.

In light of this criticism, government had tasked the new CEEC board to develop a new strategy that would help foster entrepreneurs in the rural areas.
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There was an air of intensity at the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone site, as NRB Pharma Zambia Limited chairman Narayan Bandekar and his senior executives welcomed guests to their groundbreaking ceremony that would mark the start of economic investment within the Zone.

Endless meetings have been held in conference rooms, paper work and documents have been processed, different departments have worked together day after day, to culminate in this phenomenal landmark event.
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Civil Society Organisations (CSO) recently called on government to prepare and draft the Planning and Budget Bill for consultation with the public and eventually parliamentarian approval to ensure guaranteed transparency, accountability and citizen participation in the budget process.
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