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The announcement by government through the minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Hon. Yamfwa Mukanga, MP, saying the auctioning of gemstones will be held within Zambia sent ripples to the world’s largest emerald mining firm Kagem Mining.

In a statement to the media Kagem immediately responded saying that ‘Such measures are potentially detrimental to the Zambian gemstone sector and would prevent the company from being able to freely sell its gemstones in the markets where it believes it would realise the best prices.’

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Rarely do parliamentary committee hearings in Zambia cause headline news, and if they do the matter is usually on topical subjects such as corruption in the auditor generals reports, the constitution making process and political conduct.

However, Martin Sampa, a PhD candidate’s submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Health caused tremours among the public and in the corridors of policy makers when it made the news.

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On March 21, 2012 AfriConnect, Zambia’s leading internet service provider (ISP) launched its 4G internet service, making the company’s service the fastest in the country.

AfriConnect’s 4G service is a low cost service for mass market which is aimed at giving more Zambians access to a resilient, high speed internet connection. This fourth generation WiMAX network is the very latest technology, designed to bring high-speed reliable internet connectivity to clients at a new low price.

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Ambitious customer recapitalisation can make TAZARA a money train
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The race to enlist more customers to internet service is on, as information and communication technologies [ICTs] companies push to claim the top spot in a sector where internet penetration in the country is still estimated below 10 percent.
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